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Challenge #02 - 7x16: 'The Seven Year Witch'

Hey guys! Here's our second challenge, and thanks to everyone for participating last round! I'm still figuring things out, so I might make the Hall of Fame this week and some spiffy banners, but I don't know if I'll have the time. We'll see.

7x16: 'The Seven Year Witch'
Already stressed out awaiting word on Leo's fate, Piper is attacked by demons and ends up in a coma. Stuck in the cosmic void between life and death, Piper's spirit is surprised to find Cole waiting for her and even more surprised when he tells her that he is there to help keep her and Leo together, which he hopes will restore Phoebe's faith in love. Meanwhile, the Council puts Leo to the test by stripping him of his powers and memory and placing him in an unknown location in hopes that his heart will guide him to his true destiny, whether it is to be with his family or the Greater Good. As Phoebe, Paige and Darryl search for Leo, Drake does one last good deed before his time is up.

+ Screencaps by lovesjaydog/i_whore.
+ Screencaps by HMCfan.com; you have to register but it's well worth it.
+ Screencaps by TheDemonsJumble.

If you know of any more links, please comment with a link!

If you've already made stuff for this episode, feel free to post them. I'd prefer if you added maybe one or two new things, but it's not necessary. And please, please put the episode title of the current challenge ('The Seven Year Witch') in the subject of your post. This challenge will end on Sunday, November 6th.
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