i might be barely breathing, but i'm not dead. (bentfire) wrote in charmed_epchall,
i might be barely breathing, but i'm not dead.


This is your weekly reminder to enter our current challenge, #01 - 'Deja Vu All Over Again'. We currently have one submission, so more are definetely welcome. :)

Also, I've got a couple questions for you guys, and I'd appreciate your input:

Should we have a Hall of Fame? You can read all about it here, but basically anyone who enters two or more things (icons, wallpapers, etc, doesn't matter) gets put in a group Photobucket album and has bragging rights :)

Should challenges last one or two weeks? I realize that this is a new comm and so we probably won't get a boom of activity at first, so this is why I'm leaving it up to you guys. Would you rather have one challenge per week, or have it open for two weeks?
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