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'Charmed' Episodic Challenge

Charmed episode challenge
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Howdy and welcome to charmed_epchall, a Charmed episode-themed challenge community. Anyone is welcomed to join and participate, but keep this in mind: this is NOT a challenge community. There is no poll at the end of the week where we vote on whose icons are best. This is completely just for fun.

+ You may post icons, wallpapers, headers, music videos, whatever floats your boat, but they MUST pertain to the current episode challenge.
+ Put the current challenges' episode title in the subject of your post.
+ Made something from the episode prior to the challenge? Feel free to post it. We'd prefer if you posted atleast one or two new things, but it isn't mandatory.
+ ALWAYS give a teaser, meaning post something from your post outside of a cut. No more than three icons are allowed outside of an LJ cut, though.
+ If you're linking to your icon journal and it's friends only/members only, state so in the post.

+ Challenges last one week, starting and ending on Sunday.
+ Once a month we'll use an episode that is either s7 or s8. Sorry if you live in a country other than USA or have yet to see these episodes, but we like keeping things a bit current.
+ Just to reiterate: this is NOT a community where we vote on the icons/graphics and you win a shiny banner. This is solely for fun.

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+ charmed_chorus
+ charmed_test

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+ mka_challenge
+ nh_i_challenge
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+ whoresque {graphic journal of bentfire}

Want to be an affiliate? Comment on the most recen post made by a mod and I'll add you.

+ bentfire

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